Three Inexpensive Online Programs you
cannot afford NOT to have in this economy!

Difficult economic times require practices to reduce costs without reducing surgical volume. Three inexpensive internal and internet-based marketing programs from Patient Education Concepts (PEC) will help you convert prospects into consults, consults into patients, and generate referrals from your postoperative patients. These highly efficient and powerful marketing tools require minimal staff time to manage and return your investment with just one new patient PER YEAR!

20/20 Referrals - Industry wide, an average of 57% of procedures are generated by patient referrals, but most practices do not have the time or staff to manage patient referrals. 20/20 Referrals is a smart email program that automates the patient referral process, making it easy for your staff to manage and easy for your patients to refer their friends and family members.

20/20 Conversions - Industry wide, an average of 39% of patients who come into a practice for a consultation do not schedule their procedure. 20/20 Conversion is a smart email program that systematically contacts these patients, encouraging them to reconnect with your practice to schedule their procedure.

20/20 Prospects - Industry wide, an average of 43% of prospects who contact the practice never come in for a consult. 20/20 Prospects is a smart email program that automatically sends professionally designed HTML emails to educate, motivate, and convert your prospects into consults.

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