Schedule More Consultations – 20/20 Prospects

Industry wide, an average of 43% of prospects who contact the practice never come in for a consult. Large corporate LASIK companies have mastered the art of converting prospects into consults with sophisticated email marketing programs. 20/20 Prospects levels the playing field so all practices, regardless of their size, can communicate with their prospects, using professionally designed HTML marketing messages. You can choose from several template designs customized with your information, or we can create a unique look to match your Website and/or other branded marketing materials.

1. Practice Information & Offer: This email should be about your practice, your doctor(s), your offer with links for patient financing, and links to your website to schedule consultations or answer specific questions.

2. Affordability: According to industry experts, cost is the number one barrier preventing patients from having refractive surgery. This email focuses on affordability and patient benefits.

3. Overcoming Fear: Eye surgery can be a bit scary for some, so this email is designed to reduce fear by using testimonials that discuss the ease of the procedure. Additional content, regarding your technology, surgical outcomes, and surgeon experience, can also help break down the fear barrier.

4. Exciting News: The final email should create a strong sense of urgency to call the practice now to learn about some exciting news in vision correction. Links to schedule a VIP consultation or a savings offer can also be included.

Bonus Emails: : There is no limit on how many emails you can send to prospects. You will also determine the frequency between each email. (Additional charges for HTML design may be applicable for more than the standard set of four.)

Tracking and Reports: Your secured password protected account will allow you to upload patients one at a time into the program or in bulk with Excel or comma delimited files. Using proxy phone numbers and click through links, you can generate numerous reports showing total emails sent, emails delivered, emails bounced, emails opened, click throughs and unsubscribes.